At Dance Empire, we encourage our students to express themselves and their creative and performance styles.  This is why we don’t require our students to wear a uniform. 


Dance Empire students wear comfortable dance outfits that allow them to move freely.  Our Little Empire performers have even been known to wear their favourite fairy dress!  The only clothing we don’t permit to be worn during class is: 

·       No school uniforms 

·       No denim 


Of course if you really want to get into the spirit of the studio, you can wear our school colours (black, red and white) and a Dance Empire top!  They’re available from the studio.  Contact us to find out what dance shoes you will need for your class.


Our Tecoma dance school is an intimate space.  While there’s plenty of room for our classes to be held, there’s no room for a crowd.  

This, combined with council regulations and the potential distraction of the students means that only students & teachers are permitted inside the dance space. We do however have a viewing window in reception that looks into the studio for your convenience. *Covid-19 restrictions state no parents inside at this time. In the "basement' studio we have large windows from our Parents Courtyard that gives you a great view of class. *this is outside, Covid-19 restrictions only state 1.5mt apart for Adults but you are welcome to watch.


We do encourage parents to stay for their child’s very first class to see if Dance Empire is the right school for your child. *Covid-19 restrictions, only 1 Adult allowed at viewing window & they must sign the Contact Tracing sheet.


Dance Empire studios are conveniently located at 

1553a & 1553b Burwood Hwy, Tecoma Vic 3160

Dance Empire Studios

1553 & 1553a Burwood Hwy, Tecoma Vic 3160

0423 276 900

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